Coastal Development Authority

Proposed Projects

1. Mangala Corniche Road (Mangala Ring Road):

Mangalore city is one of the fastest growing cities of Karnataka. Famously known as the ‘Gateway to Karnataka’, this city has enormous potential for tourism development. Gurupur and Nethravathi rivers encircle this city on three sides and join the Arabian Sea at Tannirbhavi. Major industries like Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd., Kudremukh Iron and Steel Company, Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd., and BASF Ltd., as also New Mangalore Port are established here. Hence, a large numbers of workers have made Mangalore as their home town and transformed it into a city with dense traffic.
Mangala Corniche Road envisages the construction of a 100-foot wide four-lane road encircling Mangalore city. This road will serve as a ring road connecting interior roads to all important centres of the city and reduce the traffic density in the city roads by preventing all North-South traffic from entering the city through utilising this ring road to reach National Highway – 17, National Highway – 48, National Highway – 13 and National Highway – 234. This road will also facilitate Tourism and Fisheries Development and foster the planned development of Mangalore city. According to expert estimates, this project is likely to incur an expenditure of about Rs. 700 crores.

It will be implemented in five phases:

  • Phase 1: Construction of 12 kms. stretch along the Gurupur river bank from Ullal bridge to Kulur bridge
  • Phase 2: Kulur bridge to Maravur bridge (5.8 kms.)
  • Phase 3: Ullal bridge to Kannur (6.5 kms.)
  • Phase 4: Maravur bridge to Gurupur Bridge (including Gurupur river) (6.3 kms.)
  • Phase 5: Link road via inland between Gurupur bridge and Kannur (7.5 kms.)

2. Four-laning of Athradi State Highway -67 from Bajpe to Athradi (via Mangalore - Belman – Udupi) (Direct road from Manipal to Bajpe Airport)
With Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts emerging as prominent commercial centres, there is dense movement of heavy vehicles in this region and the heavy downpour during the monsoons further damage the roads. Many mega projects including Special Economic Zone are under implementation. These activities are increasing the pressure of traffic density on the existing National Highways – 17 (Panjim – Mangalore), 48 (Mangalore – Bangalore) and 13 (Mangalore - Sholapur). Hence there is an urgent need to develop alternate routes by converting existing State Highways and important roads of the district into 4-lane thoroughfares. Mangalore Airport at Bajpe now has an international terminal and the educational township of Manipal attracts thousands of Indian and foreign students. Hence this proposed road development will serve as an important link connecting Manipal with Mangalore Airport. It will also foster the economic and industrial development of Udupi district, especially as there is no scope for building a separate airport for Udupi. The cost of this project is estimated to be about Rs. 200 crores.

3. Proposal for concretising of parallel fisheries roads of Dakshina Kannada – Udupi – Uttara Kannada along National Highway-17
Karnataka state has a coastline of about 325 kms stretching along Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Uttara Kannada districts. All along this stretch there are narrow fisheries roads running parallel to National Highway 17. Every year due to the damage caused to these roads during the monsoons, fishermen and villagers who depend on these roads are put to a great deal of hardships. Hence concretising these roads will be beneficial to them as it will facilitate quick transport of fresh fish. Moreover this will help reduce the pressure on National Highway 17 and give scope for the development of beach tourism too. The roads will also be useful from the point of view of national security and also in times of natural calamities which the coastal region is prone to. The cost of this project is estimated at Rs. 900 crores.

4. Construction of Women’s Fish Market:
Coastal Development Authority has an ambitious project to develop a series of full fledged fish markets exclusively for the use of women fish mongers and has already initiated the process of developing 20 such fish markets in co-ordination with National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB).
In order to build the markets in a novel and innovative way, a study group had been formed to evaluate the facilities required. After undertaking study tour in various states, the study group has come up with a model fish market incorporating the suggestions collected from various experts. The model fish market has provision for a variety of facilities like toilets and washrooms, changing room, rest room, Tiffin room, individual sales cubicles for each fisherwoman with counter and chair, stainless steel trays for display of fish, side space for keeping stock, drainage and waste disposal. Developing such markets will attract more customers and provide a welcome relief to the traditional fisher folk whose business has been badly affected due to the competition from malls and hypermarkets. This project is estimated to incur an expenditure of Rs. 10 crore.

5. Solar Power Project:
It is proposed to identify five village hamlets each which lack power supply in the three coastal districts, and provide them with power supply by installing solar lighting system with the help of MESCOM. Further discussions are in progress in this regard.

6. Soubhagya Sanjeevini:  
Soubhagya Sanjeevini, a project for harnessing the water resources of the region, is the brainchild of the veteran experimental agriculturist and leader of this region Sri A. G. Kodgi. The state government has shown keen interest in studying this concept and the Department of Irrigation has expressed its willingness to undertake the study. However due to differing opinions in this regard, there are several misconceptions concerning this project and it has been variously labelled as ‘river diversion’, ‘river joining’, ‘river interlinking’ etc and concern has been expressed too that this project may give rise to conflict with neighbouring states. Hence Coastal Development Authority plans to initiate discussion on this subject and study the practicality of implementing the project.

7. Construction of Foot Bridges:
Lack of foot bridges is one of the major problems faced by the people of the three coastal districts, mainly Uttara Kannada. Uttara Kannada suffers many more problems during natural calamities, due to lack of foot bridges. Hence a committee has been constituted to undertake a village level study to identify places where such foot bridges are required.  Coastal Development Authority proposes to prevail upon the Ministry of Rural Development for further action on the basis of their report.

8. Symposium:
Being entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading development of the three coastal districts of Karnataka, Coastal Development Authority proposes to stimulate progressive thinking in this regard by organising a symposium where and experts in various fields and eminent speakers of regional, national and international stature will be invited to enlighten us on various developmental issues. A book containing authoritative papers too will be brought out on this occasion to help formulate a vision for the next 25/30 years on planning and development. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Home Minister, Hon’ble Union Ministers and leading global level industrialists will be invited to participate in this symposium to highlight the seriousness of our endeavour and get the best response for development of the coastal region.

9. Aquamarine Park and Golf Course:
Measures are being taken to realise the proposed Tannibhavi Aquamarine Park and Golf Course - a long standing demand of the people of Mangalore - which is bound to attract tourism in this region.